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6 Secrets to FindingDividend “Money Machines”

That Keep Your Portfolio GrowingIn Any Type of Market


What if you owned a money machine…

…automatically cranking out cash for you day-in and day-out?

And not only that… the machine reproduces itself. It breeds more little money machines — and they're all working 24/7, making money for you.

Sounds fantastic — or at least illegal — doesn't it?

But in a very real sense, that's just what happens when you buy dividend-paying stocks and reinvest the dividends.

Hard to believe? Just look at these examples…

  • Money Machine #1: Pepsi — $2,000 invested in Pepsi in 1980 is now worth more than $150,000. You would have started with 80 shares, but by reinvesting dividends, you now would have 2,800 shares.
  • Money Machine #2: Philip Morris — $2,000 invested in Philip Morris in 1980 is worth just under $300,000 today. You would have started with 58 shares. Today, thanks to stock splits and reinvesting dividends, you now would have more than 4,300 shares!
  • Money Machine #3: Johnson & Johnson — $2,000 invested in Johnson & Johnson in 1980 would be worth close to $140,000 today. You would have started with only 13 shares of stock. Today thanks to reinvestment and splits, you now would own more than 2,000 shares.

You'd have a portfolio now worth close to $600,000, starting with a total investment of only $6,000. And you never needed to add another penny.
Today, your little $6,000 investment is generating $17,000 every year in dividends. You're earning almost…